How to unlock your iphone for free?

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Is your iphone locked or not supporting any specific network or carrier? Not sure what you should do to unlock it? Well in this guide I will tell you how you can factory unlock your iphone for free.
There are a lot of places on the internet where you can unlock your iPhone by paying them some amount. But in this guide I am going to show you comment debloquer iphone gratuit. For additional information you can refer to Apple’s official guide to unlock your phone-
To unlock your iPhone you can follow these steps-
Step 1: Contact your network provider
At first you need to contact your network provider and ask them for unlocking your phone using your contact details and other information. Most network providers allow factory unlocking of iPhone for free. But before you contact and apply to them you must know whether you are eligible for unlocking or not.
So, let’s see what iPhones are never eligible for free factory unlocking-
If your number is on the block list or reported lost or stolen then you cannot apply for free factory unlocking.
You must be an active customer of the network provider.
The phone must be out of contract if you are not an active customer of the network provider. The phone ideally must be more than 2 years old.
The phone must be purchased at full price.
Step 2: Reset your phone
If you don’t have an original SIM then you need to reset your phone before you apply to your network provider. To reset your iPhone tap the setting then General and scroll down until you see the reset option. You need to then put your Apple ID password. It will take a few minutes to complete.
Step 3: Switch off your iPhone
After the unlocking is done, switch off your iPhone by holding the Sleep button and swiping your fingers as directed.
Step 4: Check whether the phone unlocking worked or not
Once your phone is unlocked you will receive a confirmation from your service provider. After that you use a pin to eject the SIM card holder from the side of the iPhone. Then remove the old SIM card from the holder and place your new SIM card in your holder. Then switch on your phone and place a new phone call to check whether the iPhone is able to connect to the new network or not.
Step 5: Update your Unlocked phone
After your phone is unlocked you need to update your iPhone. Before updating your phone you should create a backup. For creating a backup go to settings, then iCloud, Storage and Backup, Backup Now. You can also backup your iPhone by connecting it to a computer.
Then perform a reset from the method that is discussed earlier. Resetting your iPhone will erase all your data. After resetting, restart your iPhone and then follow the setup assistant. Then restore all your data from the backup you created earlier.
What if your network provider charge money for unlocking your device?
If your network provider is charging money for unlocking your iPhone or refusing to unlock for phone, you can use third party service that provide iPhone unlocking service at pretty cheap price. But make sure to read all their terms and conditions before making a purchase to avoid any sort of extra charges.

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