Know The Benefits Of Owning An iPhone 7

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Are you wondering what the hype is all about with the release of Apple’s iPhone 7? All over the world, people were going crazy with the release of the iPhone series 7. One of the most searched pieces of information in Google searches was regarding the price of the phone. Eg. what is IPhone 7 price Pakistan, How much does iPhone 7 cost, Is iPhone 7 affordable, etc. Reviews have shown that there have been many people accessing sites like to know more details about the latest phones too.

No more unlocking hassles
Your phone awakens along with you. You no longer have to swipe, unlock and then check your notifications. iPhone 7 has a new feature that enables saving time by springing into life as and when you take the phone in your hands.

Water resistant
No more worries about getting drenched in rain when you have your phone around.You don’t have to get tensed even if your IPhone falls into the water accidentally. The new phone has been designed to withstand spills as it is water resistant.

Excellent camera
The camera feature is one of the best in the iPhone. You no longer have to swipe and unlock, then swipe again to reach the camera.The new phone takes you directly to the camera with a single swipe. Also, the quality of the front camera is astounding. Your selfies are going to be the best of all times. The main camera also has a 12MP sensor which can create wonders with all your photographs. You have the option of a new portrait mode as well. From now onwards your photographs are going to have a professional look.

Innovative home button
The iPhone is indeed smart with a home button that uses haptic feedback. All you feel is a vibration as you touch the home button. For those of you who are addicted to pressing the button, this will give you a similar feel. You do not have to press, but will be given the satisfaction with this haptic trick. There is a provision to change the intensity of the vibration to suit your comfort level.

No more headphones
The audio quality of the iPhone 7 is simply amazing. Apple has done away with the headphones and has introduced a Lightning port plus air pods that connect automatically. You don’t have to bother manually connecting them. When you wear the air pods, they get connected, and when you remove them, they switch off into battery saver mode. Putting them back into their container is all you need to do for recharging.

There are many more features in the iPhone which are fast making it a personal favorite. You can even delete inbuilt apps you don’t need much to save space. If you don’t want to have the calculator or weather app, you can go ahead and remove them without having to worry if it will affect the other apps. Apple has indeed captured the attention of people all over the globe this time with their new releases.

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