Let’s Have Safe Holidays!

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fireworks-770x425Are you planning to have a fireworks display this festive season? Then the best place to procure some really cool firecrackers would be online stores like www.allsparkfireworks.com.

Everyone loves a good fireworks display at the end of an event. The dazzling display of colors, lights and sounds are sure to bring a smile to all faces. According to the popular news website,
http://www.newhamrecorder.co.uk/news/thousands_gather_for_dazzling_firework_show_1_4768334, a record number of people, were present to watch the fireworks display that marked the end of the Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in Britain.

But, did you know that it takes a bit of careful planning, to avoid unpleasant accidents? If one isn’t careful, the result of such accidents could leave a lasting impact on one’s lives. Burns and scars, as well as deafness, are some of the unpleasant aftereffects that have to be avoided at all costs.

Given below are some of the ways that accidents related to fireworks display can be prevented. Most of these steps are so easy that it would be foolish not to use them while planning your next fireworks display.

1. Always read the instructions that come with the box of fireworks. Never think of this step as a waste of time. Many accidents could be easily avoided by reading and following the correct methods that have been outlined in the instruction manual.

2. Never buy illegally procured or manufactured fireworks. These are seldom safe and may contain banned substances like potassium chlorate. These are very dangerous, and pose a severe risk of unpredictable explosions.

3. Use only Class C fireworks. These are meant for regular folks. According to the APA, people should never use Class B type fireworks, which are intended for the professional fireworks display. Also, the APA warns that regular consumer fireworks must contain only 50mg of explosive substances.

4. Always keep a bucket of water, or even a garden hose, ready to douse out any accidental fires. We all know that there is always a chance for dud firecrackers that do not light up even after waiting for a long time. Just spray these non-working firecrackers with water, if they don’t show any signs of coming to life. Soak these thoroughly, till they are dripping wet. Then dispose of them in the trash that you have reserved for the used fireworks.

5. Never light up fireworks in close proximity to buildings and tall trees. The area that you plan to use as the lighting area must be devoid of dry vegetation. This will ensure that unwanted bush fires are prevented. Every year, the fire and safety department get a number of calls regarding such accidents.

6. Always have a responsible adult as the person in charge of the fireworks display. He/she should be the one who handles the lighting of the firecrackers. Never let drunk people near the lighting area as they might behave recklessly. Also, keep children away from this area.

By following such simple suggestions, a lot of untoward incidents could easily be avoided. This will ensure that everyone is safe and happy, and ready for the next holiday season or mega event.

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