What You Should Know About First Act Amp?

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guitar_ampGuitar is one good piece of music instrument that is owned by many people these days. If you want to better your guitar skills there are two things you should do. One is constant practice and other one is buying a best amplifier. Most beginners uses practice amp because it makes practice easy within a house or apartment. Moreover, practice amps come in compact shape and rugged construction, making it easy for transportation. As you know, practice amps are made by many companies and they come in different set of features.

First Act is one of the companies known for making highly efficient and functional amps. First Act is a company that manufactures a wide range of music instruments and related accessories. They manufacture guitars, percussion instruments and amplifiers. MA104, a practice amp manufactured by First Act is widely considered as a one of the best for beginners. Now let us look more about this practice amp. First that you will be attracted on seeing MA104 is it is 4-inch speaker and simple design. This practice amp does not have cluster of knob to make things complicated.

This amp comes with rugged build, means it can withstand the stress and transportation. The retro design will make this amp look so cool and beautiful. This amp has control for volume, variable gain and tone controls. This amp also contain AC adapter that is approved by UL – giving you more peace of mind. Another important advantage of this First Act amp is that it is cheaper when considering its features and when comparing with other amps.

Almost every product comes with some disadvantages and limitations. First Act MA104 is not an exception. The only disadvantage with this amp is that it produces poor quality of sound at higher volumes. You can hook effects pedal to this practice amp to receive high quality chorus sound. The level and quality sound can be adjusted by using the gain, tone and volume knob. In fact, you would be able to achieve sound that is in par with amps produced by regulars.

MA104 can be a great practice amp for any guitar players, who want to buy high quality amp at cheaper price. In order to make a wise choice, you need to find out your needs first. Then look into the options available in the market and compare each other to find the best for you. You may visit some of the music shops near your home to find out the options available for you. To make things easier, you have to browse the Internet. There is big wealth of information available on the Internet about the practice amps. First, you have to browse some of the review websites to find the brands of practice amps. Then you should look into the features of each and every amp.

There are exclusive practice amp review websites, where you can find experts reviewing various popular amps in the market. In order to make your practice amp purchase easier and quick, you can search some of the online stores. Make sure to order an amp from a reputable online store.

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