1 thought on “Crab House 1000 yuan card can be exchanged for a few crabs”

  1. Crab House 1,000 yuan can be exchanged for 20 crabs.
    Crab card form:
    The crab card is a form of hairy crab gift vouchers. It can be exchanged for the corresponding hairy crab gift box. It is more convenient to use. In the Mid -Autumn Festival, someone will send crab cards as gifts. The use of crab cards is also particular about it. Generally, it cannot be fulfilled, but it can be sold for other people.
    The profile of Crab House:
    Suzhou Crab House Yangcheng Lake Crab Industry Co., Ltd., headquarters is located in the famous Chinese and foreign Yangcheng Lake -Suzhou Industrial Park Weting Town International Crab City. It is a aquaculture enterprise mainly based on breeding and sales of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.
    The role of crab cards:
    Because hairy crabs are fresh aquatic products, it is not easy to store, so buying coupons to relatives and friends, thanks to customers more convenient. No matter who holds vouchers, you can pick up the goods through the prompts on the vouchers. Generally, delivery is very practical.
    The contact number and address of the merchant on the gift vouchers. In addition to the realization of shopping vouchers can identify merchants, choosing reliable brands, on the one hand, it provides consumers with the basis of market consumption, and on the other hand, it also plays a role in pulling and stimulating the economy, bringing convenient hairy crab market economy to development.

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