1. 1. Gift 1: silk painting / brocade painting
    silk brocade painting, also known as color weaving, is a kind of silk fabric with patterns and patterns, as well as calligraphy and painting works with brocade technology as the base. In modern brocade paintings, the core is usually made of all natural mulberry silk and carefully processed by computer digital simulation technology. After the finished product, the traditional process - silk and silk mounting is adopted. Because it is a silk colored fabric, the screen is bright and vivid, full of three-dimensional feeling, high quality, moderate price, and is not easy to fade and easy to collect. It is regarded as a gift by people today. Silk brocade painting panorama of the West Lake
    2 gift 2: silk scarves
    Hangzhou has always been called the city of silk, and Hangzhou's silk is an ancient imperial tribute. Modern silk scarf is a necessary decoration for women who love beauty
    3. Gift No. 3: silk books
    in the past, books were all paper-based, so there was a problem with the shelf life of books, and they were all ordinary. At present, the handicraft silk books are printed or woven on silk with silk as the medium. Such silk books not only enhance the value of the whole book, but also enhance the collection life of the books. Such silk books are more and more popular in the gift market. The most representative is Hu (he) Jin (Xie) Tao who presented the silk book "art of war" to bu (he he) Shi. The silk book art of war of Sun Tzu
    4. Gift 4: silk pajamas
    silk pajamas are characterized by strong comfort, good moisture absorption, moisture release, sound absorption and dust absorption. Silk is composed of protein fibers, with soft and smooth texture and delicate touch. Compared with other fiber fabrics, the friction coefficient with human skin is only 7.4%. Therefore, when human skin comes into contact with silk products, it often produces a soft and delicate feeling of elegance. It's a very good business gift
    5. Gift 5: silk crafts - silk notebook, silk mouse pad
    through special processes and nanotechnology, silk is made into mouse pad and cup pad. Such mouse pad has more technological characteristics than other mouse pads and has high collection value. Moreover, this mouse pad is easy to use and does not have a rough feeling. Like other mouse pads, it has a good sense of operation.

  2. There are many kinds of gifts. You don't have to send the specialties of Hangzhou. No matter where you buy it. The key to what kind of gift to buy is to buy the right gift and give it to the right person. Not many people pay attention to health preservation, so it's good to send some healthy food. Such as niuhui niuhong jujube gifts and other dried fruit gifts.

  3. If you send gifts to women, you can send silk scarves, silk skirts, silk pajamas and so on; For men, you can send West Lake Longjing tea, west lake lotus root powder and so on, regardless of gender

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