2 thoughts on “How much can Zhou Dasheng's diamond ring 10 points just buy?”

  1. The 10 -point diamond ring belongs to a small diamond ring. The price floating range is not very large. Two or 335,000 is normal. It is related to the material of the diamond ring and the 4C parameter of the diamond. The specific diamond ring style can understand its material and diamond parameters in order to give you a suitable judgment.

  2. You probably don't know yet. The price of this diamond ring is not simply determined by weight.
    The price of diamond ring is mainly determined by the 4C standard of diamonds.
    The so -called 4C standards are the four specific parameters of the four aspects of diamond, the color of the diamond, the clarity of the diamond, and the cutting of diamonds to prepare for judgment. And there are many brands in diamonds, and the brand will more or less affect the price of diamond rings to a certain extent.
    In I know, there is about more than 100,000 carat drills, and even saying that there are millions of millions of millions. Haha, I only bought a 20-point diamond ring of Levis in real name ---

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