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  1. At present, many companies will choose some relatively new and creative activity gifts for activities, so as to attract customer satisfaction and gift demand. Creative small gifts refer to personalized and unique creative small gifts created by integrating fashion into the design of the appearance and personalized pursuit while also customized according to the needs of the company in addition to meeting the practical functions of the product itself

    creative gift 1: hold the data cable of kebaizhi all Netcom, charge data transmission in one, one m-long cable, and all test indicators such as tension, bending and swing are qualified. It is applicable to all people and all occasions. It can solve all problems of the charging interface. It can be wound arbitrarily and still be charged quickly. There are many people, and one line can solve the charging problem of all people

    creative gift 2: portable hand-held folding fan, so far more convenient to carry. Exhaust traditional fan concept, can accommodate the leaf design, no matter where you go, you can enjoy the cool wind, special silicone material, safe and environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless

    creative small gift 3: multi-functional key chain, easy to carry, connected to mobile power supply or computer, capable of charging Android and apple phones at the same time, and connected to computer to copy data; The mobile phone supports OTG function, and the mobile phone can charge; Read USB flash disk, test data, watch video and transmit pictures on mobile phone; Support OTG function, mobile phone can be used as a computer; Connect the mouse and keyboard, more convenient

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  2. Do many girls have a worry? All kinds of cosmetics on the dressing table are placed in a mess, and there is no place to store them. Don’t worry, the artifact is coming. The DIY storage cabinet has a fashionable and simple appearance and strong storage capacity, which opens a delicate life

    DIY assembled makeup storage box, bid farewell to the same appearance, and personally assembled the exclusive makeup cabinet, which is practical and intimate; The overall pink tone conforms to the aesthetic trend of contemporary girls; The angle of the mirror can be adjusted to make the makeup clearer and more convenient; The round and lovely heart-shaped handle brings a warm feeling; There is a paper extraction hole beside the cabinet body for easy access; With super detailed three-dimensional assembly diagram, Xiaobai can also get started easily

    the creative Ladybug multi-function plug-in, the lovely Ladybug shaped multi plug socket, which can be charged by USB mobile phone, and is also equipped with multiple two foot three pin plugs. It is smart and safe, and it is a necessary high-value helper at home

  3. Gifts are also called gifts. It is usually something that people give to each other. Its purpose is to please the other party, or to express goodwill and respect. Gifts are also used to celebrate festivals or important days, such as roses on Valentine’s day or birthday gifts, which should not be sent. Gifts can also be immaterial. In ancient China, there was a saying that “the goose feather is sent from a thousand miles away, but the gift is light and the love is heavy”, indicating that the value of the gift lies in the goodwill and intention of the giver, rather than the value of the gift itself. Gifts don’t need to be too expensive, as long as you express your wishes…
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