1. 1. Soy product workshops
    Mascopic water tofu, tofu, tofu skin, dried tofu, dried tofu, and dried tofu can also be used. The soybean workshop not only has less investment, but also simple technology. As soon as you learn, you can also raise pigs and feed beef.
    2, peanut processing workshop
    The peanuts have always been known as "longevity fruit". Peanuts can be fried with mature fruits. Peanut rice can be processed into crispy, crispy, delicious and delicious cooking rice, sauce peanuts, peanut butter, etc. These products are large in urban and rural areas.
    3, tea set processing
    This can be made of tea sets and cups with pattery or other materials. If you open a ceramic shop, try to be located near the edge of the market, it is best to be adjacent to groceries, or you choose near the market with many customers in the past.
    The person is best 2-3 people, but it is ideal to call acquaintances. In terms of commodity furnishings, if the main target is the youth class, it is colorful in display, which helps product sales.
    4, flowers processing
    The flowers can be made into dried flowers and made into fragrant bags or decoration. There are many varieties of "craft flowers" with novel styles, and their market demand has risen significantly. The so -called "craft flower" is to change the previous flower sales method. According to various special needs, dressing flowers to dress up and make it more beautiful.
    can also be decorated with various silk, ribbon, etc., and then packaged with special flower baskets and gift boxes. The Japanese attach great importance to the quality and personality of flowers. As long as the intention is, many people buy it even if the price is high.
    5, sweet potato processing workshop
    has the name of "longevity food", which can be processed into roasted sweet potato, sweet potato greenon cake, sweet potato hair cake, sweet potato sesame cake, etc.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the handmade embroidery shop in recent years, and the embroidery has also become a fashion hotspot. Opening a handmade embroidery shop, the rent and decoration fee is controlled within 30,000 yuan, coupled with the business license photo, and other expenses. Many, if you do n’t want to open a store, you can take some embroidery to process at home. As long as you embroidered and take it to the manufacturer ... 2. Sweet potato processing sweet potatoes has the effect of laxative and preventing various intestinal diseases. The name of food ". The processing process of sweet potatoes is simple, which can be processed into roasted sweet potato, sweet potato hair cake, sweet potato greenon cake, sweet potato sesame cake, sweet potato fruits, shredded sweet potato, sweet potato soup, sweet potato porridge, sweet potato pot, sweet potato egg rice, etc. Eating ... 3. Natural fertilizer processing natural fertilizer actually refers to farm organic fertilizer. Now the demand for natural fertilizer in the market is very large, because it meets the requirements of "green", many regions have natural fertilizer processing and sale, so it is also available, so it also It can be processed at home, and then sold, it is also good. Or the processing fertilizer of processing is also available for the area where the acquisition is purchased ... 4. There are also many processed processed processed processed processed processed processed processed processed processing projects. Common solid wood storage

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