What are the small billiards you organized?

Where did you do the host of a billiard event? What is your activity effect? What are the activities?

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  1. This is the various games of some billiard halls I have summarized. This is just a part. Baidu cannot answer so much. I hope it can help you! Intersection
    The purpose is to let more billiard enthusiasts know and understand their own ball rooms. Let the members of the club experience the good atmosphere of the ball room from a full and novel activity in the ball room, so as to meet more billiard enthusiasts, meet each other, communicate with each other, retain old customers, and attract new customers.

    competition and event unified format:
    competition time:
    Rotal rules:
    how to participate:
    competition rewards:
    competition location:
    participation requirements:
    Consultation (asking road) Tel:
    The you who love billiards — have you been used to facing different opponents, if so, come to the ×× club ×× race bar Intersection In the competition, experience the spirit of mutual support and encouragement between friends, never give up the spirit of the game
    1: Store celebration activities
    members of all ×× billiard clubs and the majority of billiard enthusiasts:
    ×× year ×× month The ×× Day is the day of the ×× Billiards Club. In order to celebrate the birthday of our store, and thank you for the majority of billiard enthusiasts who have been supporting and caring for us, our store will hold a large billiard friendship match that day. The club has prepared a lot of prizes and gifts for everyone. I hope that fans are actively signing up, and our store will also provide elegant environment and high -quality services to the golfers, so that everyone will feel the guests!
    2: The club's breakthrough jumping challenge
    activity time: eight pm to 12 pm,
    has three levels, three people guard, the level of the three is low in turn from low in turn from low in turn from low, low in turn from low in turn from low. To the high, each bureau set the victory and defeat, and the prizes (small jewelry or cash or recharge, the higher and higher prizes)
    registration fees: member ×× yuan non -member ×× yuan.
    Puct location:
    Consultation telephone:
    Welcome members and billiard enthusiasts to actively sign up for the competition! The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to all
    3: Changko Coca -Cola Cup (or any item)
    Time: At the evening of the peak period (for the club members)

    All contestants in the Coca -Cola Cup register for free. Capsule
    Reward: Each round of winning players, Cocoa Coca -Cola listened, two rounds were obtained in two rounds, so on. Start the challenge, do not charge the registration fee, pay the platform for negative party, challenge the club coaches or players with a relatively high level of the club, challenge the victory will give high -end exquisite gifts or recharge cards, etc.
    5: Club membership activities
    Activity time: peak period, carry out "membership night" activity.
    The symbolic charges during the activity period. Members entered the venue based on the membership card, and a bottle of mineral water was given away. Each member card can bring two non -members (one man and one woman). Each time it opens for a limited time for 2 hours. During the event, you will organize membership competitions at 8 o'clock every night. The first place is given a 100 yuan recharge card every day, and a 50 yuan recharge card is given the second place. Each person is limited to the chance of winning a prize, and the award cannot be repeated. Members can play for your relatives and friends for free during the event.
    Note: All other discounts during the event are suspended.
    We sincerely look forward to your arrival, one day with us a good day
    6: One hammering match
    is incidental. Everyone has the opportunity to challenge. The fourth peak is held every night, and you can participate in the opening. There is no need for any costs. One game will be won.
    7: Valentine's Day event
    On February 14th, ×× billiard club is your lover
    . If you have a female companion, you are welcome to bring a female companion on Valentine's Day Get up to participate in the competition.
    If you are looking for a female companion, the ×× billiard club is your lover on February 14. ×× beautiful billiard baby, waiting for your arrival. On the day of the event, the scene was selected to form a combination of couples on the day to play couples.
    competition rewards: Champions couples will get a classic gift for Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Valentine's Day.
    Muestals participating in the contest have souvenirs.
    Im registration method: Register in the store, greet any staff around you, can register.
    The activity time: At 20:30 on February 14th, please don't miss the game time.
    cash reward:
    300 yuan registration person (more than 12)
    400 yuan registration person (more than 20)
    500 yuan registration person (more than 30) (More than 40 people)
    Lucky Awards: (The number of applicants exceeds fifteen)
    a to draw a lucky number free registration fee; NC competition Ri Fan's opening guests have the opportunity to get lucky prizes

    8: Mainly on the event of the online billiard society
    The same guests to open 5 tables (including more than 5) at the same time, full 3 For more than 3 hours, 50 % off the Taiwan fee cash.
    In the same guest to open 4 tables (including more than 4 pieces) at the same time, and play for 2 hours. A rich event on weekends is the paradise for mature billiard squares and billiard enthusiasts. Based on this basis, upgrade monthly and annual competitions.

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