3 thoughts on “What gift does the refueling card charge a thousand at a time to give?”

  1. Hello, I am from Sinopec's refueling card service center. At present, there is no gift gift when Sinopec's refueling card recharge. But there are still major festivals. For example, there are recharge gifts for National Day Mid -Autumn Festival every year. Sometimes it is a small gift such as paper towels, Ningxia wolfberry, etc., and there are also recharge cards, which is the kind of 10,000 to one hundred. However, every region is different, and the gifts are not the same. Specifically, the refueling center of the gas station refueling card you live is subject to the center. This is the only formal channel recharge. If there is an event, please refer to the gas station refueling card service center. Do not believe any other form of discounts and gift gifts.

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