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  1. Yiwu tail goods wholesale a street is very good, cheap and good! The major categories of Yiwu commodities mainly include clothing, jewelry, zipper, wool spinning, knitted, printing, pen making, crafts, cosmetics, toys and other advantageous industries and products, forming a block economy with regional characteristics.
    clothing: It has become one of the four major domestic shirt production bases, and more than 1 million pieces of Nissan shirts in Dachen Town and Suxi Town. Dachen Town is known as "the hometown of Chinese shirts".
    sear jewelry: After more than 20 years of market grinding, the Yiwu jewelry industry has developed greatly, and has cultivated a large number of upper scale and upper scale, such as Zhejiang Xinuang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Qinglin, Linlang, Sunflower, Bell, and Zhuoyani. Grade Jewelry Enterprise. Today, the production and operation enterprises of Yiwu jewelry industry have reached more than 3,800, with an annual output value of about 12 billion yuan, and the output and output value account for more than 70%of the national jewelry industry.
    The expansion information:
    Fashion wholesale raised in the early 1990s. With the development of the economy, consumers' demand for cheap costs increased significantly. And life. By the 21st century, the clothing wholesale market became more and more large -scale and regular. However, in recent years, these former prosperous wholesale markets have gradually deserted, and the business of clothing is becoming more and more difficult to do.
    Secondly, the rising store rent has made the cost of doing business higher and higher. In the example of Guangzhou Thirteen behaviors, the stalls in a certain area are only 1 square meter, but the monthly rent has risen to 150,000 yuan. Some people have calculated that this stall is sold more than 100 goods a day to return the book. In addition to the stalls of some gold areas, the rent in other locations is also rising every year. Many people lament that they are not doing business, but work for the landlord.
    Finally, the third reason why traditional clothing is getting more and more difficult to do business is that many customers have been diverted by the Internet. The Internet is too convenient now. There is no need to crowd out in the wholesale market, no need to line up, let alone worry about being fooled. Wholesale clothing on the Internet can even retire for seven days. Compared to traditional clothing wholesale, the convenience provided by the Internet is enough to make customers rush, and the business of natural clothing stalls is difficult to do

  2. Several market interpretations of Ukraine Tail Goods
    The soul of Yiwu is in the village in the city, and the tail market is almost in the village! The branch is actually more concentrated!
    I people who just come to Yiwu may not know where the market is. In fact, it is scattered. In the village, this is the form of Yiwu small workshop.
    1. Yiwu Wu'ai Market
    For clothing stores, the Chief Captain wants to get cheap and good sources. If you plan to open a clothing store around Yiwu, go to Yiwu Wuai Stock Street! Located in the famous small commodity city of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, it is called the place where China inventory first street is the largest inventory street. Yiwu Wutai Inventory Street, these inventory stores like department stores. There are various inventory samples in the store, including clothing, small department stores, small hardware, plastic products and other daily necessities, which are simply a variety of. In the inventory street in Yiwu, it is a heavenly paradise for people who want to wholesale. Most of this clothing inventory is the inventory of some foreign trade tail orders or some clothing manufacturers. Five love is not currently prosperous, mainly five The price of love is too high. Now there are few money to buy five loves, and the five love products are relatively single, mainly because it is too expensive
    2, Yiwuyu Garden Market
    The market was the former Yiwu Bin King's clothing market. The Yibin King's clothing market was demolished to the old site of the small commodity city, which is now the Yiyuyu Garden clothing market. China Small Commodity City Yiyuan Clothing Market is located in the bustling embroidery lake commercial district in Yiwu City. The total market covers an area of ​​117 acres, with a total construction area of ​​more than 42,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.4 billion. The largest professional clothing market in the region. Because the market operating cost is high, it is not suitable for small workshops to work, and it is already yellow before it starts!
    3, Yiwu Meihu inventory street

    Puyi's first inventory professional street -Meihu Inventory Trade Professional Street Phase IIIIIII. It is understood that Meihu Inventory Trade Professional Street is located in Meihu New Village, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu, which is less than 2 kilometers away from Yiwu Binwang Market, Binwang Passenger Station, Jiangdong Passenger Station, Yiwu Customs , Convenient transportation. At present, more than a hundred operators have brought together professional streets. The operating category of Yumei Lake Inventory Professional Street is also very complete, including dozens of varieties such as clothing, crafts, ceramics, etc., especially in clothing. Meihu and Wu Ai are next to each other. They are hundreds of meters. The model is almost the same as that of Five Love, but now it is also very depressed. The main things are too expensive. It is estimated that many officials have never heard of this market.

    4, Yiwu Jinfuyuan Tail Cargo Wholesale Market

    is the core location of the Jinfuyuan goods wholesale market in Yiwu. The same market resources. Jinfuyuan's inventory market is a complementary relationship with the goods of the International Trade City. Buyers have more selectivity while buying goods. With the severe situation of the world economy, companies have a large number of inventory ending, and the development trend of the inventory industry in the next few years has shown an upward trend. Jinfuyuan's unique geographical location, professional management team, and huge merchant resources in the surrounding are occupied by the time, geography, and people. In the future, we will do better than ordering, and develop to the largest stock market in Central Zhejiang. In this market, it is basically yellow. Making inventory in China Trade City is equivalent to frying fast food in Tiananmen. It is not enough to complete.
    1. The inventory market of Zhuzu Tang Village
    This is the hottest market at present. Although Batu Tang and Zhucun are together, the flow of octopus is higher than Zhucun. Foot ponds, the price is almost 1 times cheaper than Five Ai Mei Lake. The variety is currently the most complete and the most favorite place for local e -commerce companies. Of course, you want to really purchase good tail goods. What can be obtained, there are almost a lot of loose goods in the store, and the whole goods are sold to old customers, so buying inventory is not so simple.
    This summary: The most popular in the Yiwu inventory market must be the eight -legged pond, mainly because the price is much lower than that of the Lake of Wumei, the only competitiveness in the inventory is cheap, so this is also a trend. Come, I hope to help you all the attention, thank you very much for your attention!

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