1. The recycling price of Xi'an luxury roads is in place. In the first half of the month, I dealt with more than a kilogram of gold. The price has fallen in the past two days. I feel that I am wise and give you an address for yourself! ~ O (∩_ 哈) o haha ​​~

    Xi'an luxury road recycling
    Address: Xi'an Beilin District Heping Ginza 1211

  2. Xi'an luxury road recycling, half a kilogram of gold was processed there last month. The price feels that the price has dropped in the past two days, and I instantly admire my own judgment.

  3. This data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

    The price of gold recycling is very comfortable to deal with the boss with the market price. I hope it will help you

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