What does S925 mean on the rings in the diamond ring?

The S925 engraved on the diamond ring, the above is how much can Mosang's drill weigh 5.1 grams.


  1. The ring is engraved with S925, which means that the material of the ring is 925 silver (925 in the silver content). Mozang drills is large enough, and it is white and bright. a little. The brightest Mosan drill now is sixteen -hearted and sixteen arrows. Generally, it is eight hearts and eight arrows.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer S 925 means that this ring is silver.nAsk the drill abovenAnswer the silver content of S 9254 silver productsnOne is that if the real diamond, the precepts will not use silver.nQuestion meannThe answer is engraved with S925 engraved on the ring, which means that the material of the ring is 925 silver (the silver content is 925). Mozang drills a large enough, white and bright, and the Mosan diamond with white and bright enough. higher. The brightest Mosan drill now is sixteen -hearted and sixteen arrows. Generally, it is eight hearts and eight arrows.nWhether he, 999 or 925 silver is worthless.nNow the silver sold outside is eight dollars a gramnQuestionnAnswer yes, kinshipnDo you have other questions? I hope my answer can help you.nQuestions includenAnswer you, please say.nQuestion Mosan's drill, okay?nThe diamond ring with a high value of parental killing must be equipped with platinum rings.nThe diamond you said, he is not a natural diamond.nNot very valuable. But as long as you like it yourself.nDiamond varieties are divided into a lot based on color, clarity, cutting, and weight, but according to the classification of color, it has become the most important basis for diamond varieties. Therefore, the color of diamonds is the primary factor in its economic evaluation. Many special colors have become precious in diamond varieties.nMosan diamond is called synthetic silicon carbide (SIC). How much Mossan diamonds are like diamonds. Let me tell you so, like the people in our line can not be distinguished by the naked eyes, and must pass the instrument. In fact, Moisan diamonds simulate the natural diamond growth environment through technical means, so the physical properties, chemical composition and crystal structure of Mozang diamonds and diamonds are similar, while Mozang diamonds are controllable. EssencenHowever, if you say value, diamonds are better than Mozang's value, and more than 100,000 diamonds can sell 70,000 to 80,000. There is a reason for all things in the world. When I first came into contact with Mosan, I thought it was a "fake diamond". After understanding the origin, I did say a bit one -sided, so I shouldn't say that. You can choose according to your own situation. If you think the diamond is suitable, then diamonds. If you think Mozang is suitable, then Mosan, but you should pay special attention to buying Mosan. It is more affordable to buy dozens of pieces of vermiculite; if you want to pursue the more diamonds, you can choose the best Belgian magic star diamond. After all, this synthesis mainly depends on technology and technology. It is worth buying.nKiss 有 If you have other questions, you can leave me at any time.nMore 19 morenBleak

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