2 thoughts on “Why do foreigners wear steel and copper without gold?”

  1. 1. Allergic to gold and silver jewelry, you cannot wear

    The metal necklace that people often wear, many are K gold jewelry. During the production process, these metals are mixed with a small amount of chromium in proportion to , Nickel, copper and other metals. When the hotness is hot, the human sweat increases, and the water in the sweat can cause a small amount of nickel sulfate on the surface of the simulation jewelry to dissolve, and the allergic reaction occurs after the skin is absorbed, thereby inducing skin diseases.

    The people with allergies have a stronger response. Some people will cause allergies due to the metal head and the metal frames on the belt. These people's allergies are manifested in the parts where jewelry contacts with the skin, such as ears, necks, wrists, fingers, etc. Some people will have a full -body allergic reaction. First, the skin is red and swollen. Then The whole body is uncomfortable.

  2. Gold jewelry is worn very little in Europe and the United States, and most of them wear women, and they are mixed with other materials. Pure gold jewelry is relatively small. Because they prefers titanium steel, brass, white copper, 925 silver, 9K gold, diamonds, pearls, gems. Arab Muslim world gold jewelry is only worn by women. Traditional Muslim men only wear silver accessories. India and countries in Southeast Asia and we are a bit like we are wearing Dajin Chain because of vanity ... Japan is very vegetarian. As for South America, gold jewelry is not popular. In Africa, I think Africans wear everything that can be worn!

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